S.A Coach Carlos


We love the Midlands, as we tell you so often, and one of the frequent reasons is that, many of the people who populate this area have chosen to live here for the lifestyle, and or the schools, their heritage, and quite often, to escape a “previous” life in the rat race. Carlos Pereira is one of those individuals. He and his family – his wife Sally owns the lifestyle centre “Country Courtyard” in Nottingham Road, and his two girls Rebecca and Rachel are schooled in Hilton.

Corporate Refugee

Carlos Pereira fits into the category of Corporate Refugee, and does his fair share of commuting but he loves the lifestyle, and despite the fact that he and the family are on a constant mission to “downsize”, their passion and enthusiasm for life doesn’t allow them this privilege. Carlos has just added another title to his portfolio – Interim Coach of the SA Men’s Hockey Team.

“It’s a dream come true for me” says Carlos, and he’s already had to prove himself with a trip to Rio de Janeiro for the World League Round 2, in early March. The team is currently ranked twelfth in the world rankings, so success in this tournament meant a great deal. The team had to come in the top 2 sides in the tournament to qualify for the next round – they achieved this, and will play in Round 3 which takes place in Malaysia from 29 June to 7 July 2013. Follow the team: www.sahockey.co.za wwww.facebook.com/sahockeyplayers.com

Hockey a focal point in his life

Hockey has been a focal point in Carlos’ life since Gr 8 when he started playing hockey, and right from the start “I hoped to one day represent South Africa in the sport” he says. His parents moved to then SW Africa while he was at school which reduced his chances somewhat, but he persevered and became the only school boy from Namibia to play in the SA team. The accolades collected up and Carlos captained the SA Under-21’s for two years, amongst other hockey achievements.

In 1985 he climbed another rung of his dream, and was selected for the “unofficial” SA team, and finally, in 1992 when SA international sportsmen were accepted back into international sports, Carlos Pereira was capped for the official SA team. He represented South Africa in 49 official test matches, including the ’94 World Cup in Sydney.
The Midlands salutes you Coach (interim) !

Carlos the Midlands Man

His day job: Chartered Accountant, Carlos Pereira and Assoc Inc, based on the Curry’s Post Rd, KZN Midlands.
Other sports: Golf, golf and more golf, with a bit of MTB thrown in!
Favorite football team: Liverpool – the Mighty Reds.
Favorite eatery in the Midlands: La Lampara, and Il Postino … we’re spoilt for choice!
What do you do on a Sunday (which we assume just might be a day off): I do like to start with Church (St John’s Gowrie in Nottingham Rd), but with the kids home only on the weekends, we choose to have a quiet family day at home. You NEED to recharge.
In your next life, what would you consider coming back as? A football player (wearing red! – and playing with Dalgleish and Gerrard)