Rosetta Runner for Pink Drive

Pink Drive runner Fergus Snow

Pink suited runner Fergus Snow.

Rosetta Runner for Pink Drive.

They say the best place to start a story is at the very beginning, so let us begin… Last year, my “Granny” was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a form of cancer. She was 85 years old at the time and decided to do chemotherapy. When she started to lose hair I thought, “Perhaps I can grow my hair and make a wig for Granny?” This became the start of the story…I researched the requirements for donating hair for wigs, finding out that the minimum length is 30cm. At the same time we found out that Granny’s cancer was spreading.

Soon after this news came Comrades Marathon entries. I entered as a Race4Charity runner, running for the Pink Drive. Now, what could encourage donations? Something with challenges and, to my knowledge, hasn’t been attempted or achieved… Comrades Marathon in a pink morphsuit and a mop of hair, to be donated after Comrades when it’s long enough.

At the end of October, my Granny (86) passed away. A very strong lady! I am running in memory of her… and those near to me who have had cancer.
My goal is to create awareness and understanding that early detection results in a higher likelihood of beating cancer.
I was sponsored my morphsuit by Creative Costumes and Masks in Centurion, and have started training in preparation for the Maritzburg Marathon, 29 February…

I would like to encourage people to donate and for businesses to challenge each other. The link to follow is; or on Facebook, Fergus Snow’s Pink Drive Comrades 2016