Remember the Ethos of Tata Madiba

Ahead of the commemoration of the arrest of the late President Nelson Mandela, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu has called on more than 20 000 civil servants in various government departments across the province to do their work in line with the values of Madiba. Madiba was arrested on the 5th August 1962 in Howick, outside Pietermaritzburg. Mchunu has encouraged the people of KwaZulu-Natal to visit the Mandela capture site as it is the source of inspiration.

“It was Madiba, as the first President of a democratic South Africa who spearheaded the transformation of the Public Service. After his inauguration in 1994, Madiba ensured that the new democratic government embarked on a process designed to fundamentally reshape the public service to fulfill its role in the new dispensation.”

“He ensured that country’s constitution guaranteed human rights for all, the right to a minimum standard of life, including the right to access health, education, social security, food and water.”

“As we commemorate this day we are reminding civil servants in all public institutions that they have a responsibility to live according to the values of Mandela. Mandela was patriotic and loyal to the country’s Constitution. When we talk about being loyal to the Constitution of the Republic and its people it is when we are able to use government as an instrument to transform the lives of the people. Importantly, it is when we all understand that ours is a modern government founded on the will of the people. It is the people who must taste the fruits of democracy which Mandela fought for.”

“On this important day we must reaffirm the lesson of our centuries of struggle led by Madiba, that there can be no prosperity in our land unless all enjoy human rights and that our people have access to opportunities. We must rededicate ourselves to the defence of the human rights and we must use government as an engine that drives socio-economic development.”

“Tata Madiba laid the foundation for the creation of a prosperous future. Driven by the ethos of Tata Madiba, as elected public representatives and civil servants, we renew, on this historic day, our pledge to double our efforts to defeat the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.”

“We have already begun the journey of another Third Decade of Freedom and we must use the experience that we have acquired to build on the success of the Second Decade of Freedom. The National Development Plan and our very own Provincial Growth and Development Plan developed during the 20 years of our freedom have inspired us to build an economy that surges forward, bringing into the mainstream economy millions of people who struggle to survive.”

“We should emphasise the importance of professional and ethical service and pride in the fulfillment of the will of the people of this province. Elected representatives and employees of the state and state entities need to view the service to community as sacrosanct and an honour to be assigned to the positions of trust over the resources destined to alleviate the suffering of the population.”

“Together with commemorating the arrest of Tata Madiba we are celebrating the fact that our 20 years of democracy have been characterized by growing unity in action. When he ushered in this freedom and democracy, Madiba’s goal was to create a country in which all can experience an improved quality of life and enjoying equal human rights with access to opportunities.” (issued by the Office of the Premier)

Mandela Capture Site 5 aug web

Residents from around KwaZulu-Natal yesterday paid their respects to former President Nelson Mandela who died in his home in Johannesburg on Wednesday night (05 December 2013). Hundreds of people descended on the iconic Mandela Capture Site outside Howick to pay their tributes and to lay flowers at the memorial. Mandela was arrested at the site in 1962, and faced charges of conspiracy to overthrow the government. He spent 27 years incarcerated in Robin Island. Some mourners could not contain their emotions as they openly wept while others sang church hymns.