Random Acts of Kindness

rosesRandom Acts of Kindness.
Dear Editor.

We love to read upbeat stories, and thought we would love you to share this.

On Friday of last week we hosted a small dinner gathering in our home. Rina, one of the guests, went to Woolworths in Howick to buy some roses for the hostess. Seeing a bunch of antique-looking roses, which were exquisite, Rina looked at the price, and felt she could sadly not afford them. A lovely lady standing next to Rina asked if she was going to buy them. Rina replied that she felt she could not justify the price, however perfect the roses were for her hostess that evening. Giving the bunch a last adoring look, and hug, Rina replaced them carefully into the bucket.

A few moments later the stranger appeared next to Rina with the roses, saying she had been in London for some years, and buying the roses for Rina was something she really wanted to do! Rina was flabbergasted, and we are the recipient of these gorgeous roses, thanks to an unknown stranger. Everyone we mention this story to is moved, and delighted that such random acts of kindness still exist in our society.

How we love the Midlands and her residents.
To that special stranger, thank you from the bottom of our hearts – your gesture has touched more hearts than you will ever realise.

Rob Caskie