Rabdosiella calycina

Insp Indig Rabdosiella calycina Christeen Grant web BFF MayRabdosiella calycina
Common name: Upland Fly Bush, Afrikaans: Spoorblom

This erect, branched shrub grows up to 1,2 m high in grassland along the eastern side of Southern Africa, flowering from mid-summer all the way into winter when little else is in flower. The small, pale mauve or white flowers are clustered in dense inflorescences on the ends of the branches. The woody stems are hairy. The scented (not particularly pleasant), toothed leaves are velvety underneath and quite leathery. Rabdosiella is related to Plectranthus and has had many a plant enthusiast confused trying to identify it. If you are interested in indigenous flora www.iSpot.org.za is a great way to get help in correctly identifying species and learning from others. iSpot is also a good place to share all the special Midlands plants you photograph with those not fortunate enough to live here.