PMB Aero Club – what a Story!

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It was an irresistible invitation – lunch in a hangar, with an astronaut! The illustrious occasion marked the 75th anniversary of the Pietermaritzburg Aero Club, in the company of Club members, VIP guests and guest speaker Story Musgrave, an ex-US Marine pilot, 18 000 flying hours, and 6 space flying missions to his name. He enthralled all with the invigorating account of his achievements, despite not graduating from High School. It’s simple says Story – “Design a Life for Yourself, one little step at a time”.

On the 30th of May 1938, 44 persons from various walks of life met in the Supper Room in the City Hall, Pietermaritzburg,where they resolved to form the PMB Aero Club. The chairman of the first meeting was Mr J H Farrant, chairman of the Publicity Association. Mr Percy Holt was available as the first flying instructor.

75 years on and the Club now operates a fleet of modern aircraft which is reviewed from time to time in keeping with its changing needs. In general, flight training is conducted on a two-seat high-wing Cessna 150 trainer, and full-time instructors are available throughout the week and weekend. For licensed pilots and advanced pupils a number of four-seater Cessna 172s are available.

The Club is based at the Pietermaritzburg (Oribi) aerodrome, which boasts a 1 580m tarred runway, but which is conveniently out of the way of commercial traffic.

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Amanda, Story and Scott