My planet is yours too and the responsibility is ours

I’ve lived in this planet for 19 years. Every day I wake up and see the same things I saw the day before. I see the nature, I hear the birds singing with joy, I see the green fields full of cows, buck and horses. Then I imagine how I would feel if one morning I woke up and there was none of that?

I ask myself why are we destroying our earth? Toxic substances are being dumped into water and wetlands – plants and animals die. Who knows, maybe in these wetlands there are herbs to cure diseases that kill our families? Now we can’t get them because we have destroyed them. Just imagine if it was you, living in that wetland, living in that stream when suddenly rushing water full of poisonous substances is coming your way? How would you feel? We are all responsible for this earth and if you decide to destroy it then you are destroying yourself. Whatever you do to this planet you do to yourself.

Human beings are so in love with money that they destroy their future. I know we all want to be rich, but we all also want to be alive. Global warming is not a natural effect, most extreme weathers are caused by human actions. Let us be responsible for our Earth, it is the only place that can support your family and my family.

Remember you have a right to speak up and say no! Your voice alone can change things. You can be proud of yourself one day.
Live Green and Live Long!


Vuyani Mtoto by Nkulu Mdladla