Pietermaritzburg Central & Northern Regionals


SPAR aQuellé School Girls’ Hockey Tournament

“Girls’ High School is on fire!” So yelled their excited supporters from the sidelines of the SPAR aQuellé School Girls’ Hockey Tournament as the defenders of the PMB Central Regionals secured the regional title for the third time in a hotly contested day of hockey hosted by Epworth on Saturday.

Across the road at the UKZN Fields, a determined St Anne’s team snatched back their PMB Northern regional champ title from The Wykeham Collegiate to claim their place together with GHS in the ten top schools to play in the finals at St. Mary’s and Thomas More College in July.

The 2011 gold medalist, St Anne’s, used their strength in the short corners converting their tactical precision play into some well-earned goals.

Girls’ High, who met St Anne’s in the finals were the 2011 silver medalists and the 2012 bronze medalists, dominated in their games but when they played host school, Epworth, found themselves level in a goalless draw at the final whistle. The game was fast with both team sharing possession but unable to get the ball into the goals. Calculating the scores at the end of the day, GHS advanced to the finals having scored more goals during the day than Epworth.

“The level of hockey has definitely improved from last year with some really tight games and good finishes.” says Les Galloway, former SA Women’s Hockey Manager and Tournament Director.

The tournament acknowledges the unrecognised heroes, the umpires with one umpire from each region being selected to join the teams at the finals. Voted as the ‘Most Promising Umpires’ were Anna Marie Maartens of Voortrekker together with Jarred Christie for the Pietermaritzburg Central Region.

The tournament has a Facebook page – SPAR aQuellé School Girls’ Hockey Tournament and a Twitter account – @SPARGirlsHockey. Spectators and players are encouraged to visit the page and check out all the action from the regionals.