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Pieter-Dirk Uys for Pietermaritzburg Hexagon Theatre

Pieter-Dirk Uys for Pietermaritzburg
Hexagon Theatre 21 – 25 February 2017

Tues 21 Feb: 19h30 The Echo of a Noise

Let Pieter Dirk Uys enlighten you, and Pieter Dirk Uys entertain you this week at The Hexagon Theatre Pietermaritzburg…21 to 25 February

Wed 22 Feb: 19h30 The Echo of a Noise
Thursday 23 Feb: 19h30 An Evening with Evita Bezuidenhout
Fri 24 Feb: 19h30 The Echo of a Noise
Sat 25 Feb: 19h30 The Echo of a Noise
Pietermaritzburg: This February sees the return of master satirist, the indefatigable Pieter-Dirk Uys, to the Hexagon Theatre with two of his shows: The Echo of a Noise on Tues 21, Wed 22, Fri 24 and Sat 25 February; and An Evening with Evita Bezuidenhout on Thurs 23 Feb, both shows start at 7.30pm

Pieter-Dirk Uys presents the astonishing The Echo of a Noise – a one-man memoir. In The Echo of a Noise, South Africa’s foremost satirist sits on a barstool, opens his heart and talks about his private and public life leading the audience into his inner-sanctuary with stories that can evoke surprise, laughter and tears.
Now in his 71st year, Uys doesn’t glance back at the successes and failures that have strengthened his belief in a constant improvement of his work, but at those small signposts that throughout his life subconsciously pointed him in a right and original direction: his father Hannes Uys and his mother Helga Bassel; his grandmothers, his teachers, his passions, Sophia Loren, censorship, false eyelashes and making a noise when everyone demanded silence.

The second show he is presenting is An Evening with Evita Bezuidenhout for one night only on Thursday 23 February. “Inspirational; Transformational; Funny; Glamorous; Topical; Typically South African; Optimistic; Hopeful.” These are some of the words used to describe Evita Bezuidenhout’s recent State of the Nation address to corporates, conferences, think-tanks, indabas, award ceremonies and report-backs. Mrs Bezuidenhout is focusing on the need to move from the fearful negative that has infected our society to optimistic hope and excitement for a successful future for all.

Spend some quality time with the most famous white woman in South Africa, a legend in her own lunchtime thanks to her cooking, an icon who can confront any aikona and share with her the optimism and fearlessness that has made her one of the most respected voices in our wilderness of free speech.

It is said when history repeats itself, it can take tragedy and turn it into farce. So banish the blues. Come and enjoy the blacks, whites, browns, yellows and ‘others’ that make up this unique country of our dreams. As long as we can laugh at our fear, we are still in charge of our future,”

The Hexagon Theatre is part of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg campus: phone 033 260 5537 / /
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Also follow weekly episodes of ‘Evita’s Free Speech’ on YouTube every Sunday:


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