Paint The Town Red Blue and Pink at the Holi Festival of Colours

Come on Midlanders – bring out your courage, venture onto the N3 and get to Durban! The original Holi Festival of Colours is coming to the Coast. Get ready to paint the town red, blue, green and yellow; in fact pick your favorite colour.

The original Holi Festival of Colours 2013 World Tour, of which the first was held in Europe, is now coming to Durban to transform Berea Rovers club on the 28th December 2013 into a multi-coloured dance floor. As part of more than 14 countries and over 38 cities worldwide, this is an event not to be missed. The Holi Festival of Colours rocked Johannesburg in September and Cape Town in October and will now bring together South Africa’s rainbow nation when it hits the shores of Durban.

Holi is one of the largest festivals in India announcing the arrival of spring and the passing of winter and also marks the victory of the good over the bad. During the Holi celebrations, the cast system is out of force and all people are considered equal – the symbol for that being the colours. The Holi Festival celebrates the statement that all people are equally coloured. The festival breathes an atmosphere of laughter and is an expression of joy with people burying their hatchets and throwing their worries to the wind. As such, the Holi Festival of Colours supports one of Holi’s biggest customs of loosening the strictness of social structures and bringing together communities in an exhilarating experience. The Holi Festival of Colours is not a religious event in any way and is open to all races, religions and nationalities. The festival captures the spirit of Holi and the positive energy it preaches.

Every hour on the hour from 14h00 a countdown culminates in partygoers throwing their powder into the air to create a massive explosion of colour. The coloured powder is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and allergen free. The powder is sold at the event for R20 per sachet with 5 different colours available.

On the decks:
The line-up includes big names such as LCNVL, DJ Fresh, Pascal& Pearce and Napalma (live).
Tickets on sale now- and Computicket