Overnight sleepover at Cannibal Cavern! (By: C.Perrett)

NHP visiting the berg 1 ed141 jun14

The NHP Grade 5 class enjoyed a teambuilding circus workshop.

On a very chilly morning, darkness melted away and the New Hanover Grade 5’s gathered with bubbling excitement as they prepared to set off on their Northern Drakensberg overnight adventure.

The adventure began at The Cavern resort where we left the bus, strapped on backpacks and set off in the direction of Lone Rock – a rock art site with beautifully preserved San paintings. At about 16h30 the first weary hikers strolled into Cannibal Cavern which was to be our home for the night. This enormous cave was home to Cannibals in the early nineteenth century. A tribe took refuge in the cave attempting to avoid Shaka’s wrath during his wars of expansion. Needless to say, this provided food for wild imaginations that night.

All Out Adventures was to be our destination for the morning of Day 2. Here we enjoyed a teambuilding circus workshop. Some children also opted to play paintball which suddenly become more appealing than normal when they found out that the headmaster was playing.

The staff expected a quiet trip back but the adrenaline, charged children with full tummies and happy hearts enjoyed the trip back singing and planning their next adventure.