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alzheimer-disease-patientsIt’s all in the Mind?

I was driving behind a car today, and it had a sticker which said, “Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most.”
Just to make sure you don’t fit into that category, I am mentioning some mind illnesses below .
Progressive mental deterioration that occurs in middle or old age, due to deterioration of the brain. Symptoms are memory loss, confusion, over-suspicious, and later, difficulty speaking, swallowing, and walking.
Disease of central nervous system, that affects the motor-system. Symptoms creep up slowly over time.
Early on there is shaking, rigidity and slowness of movement. Sudden change in handwriting and loss of smell. There can be trouble sleeping, and constipation. Dizziness and a blank face.
Clinical Depression
A sense of despair, fatigue, insomnia or excessive sleeping. Withdrawing socially, chronic pains, weight fluctuation, memory loss.
Now, if you have three or more symptoms in any one category you may need a check up. But where do you go?
The natural way is the best and I have organic supplements for all these complaints. I will also analyse you to see what is wrong, and give you a diet.
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