Nutrition – Sarah West

Do you suffer from Hollywood syndrome?

What is Hollywood syndrome? you may ask.
It is a syndrome that occurs in many people at the end of the year.
Someone who has run out of energy, and has no reserves left.It may be a burnt out buisness-man or an exhausted house-wife.
They often have to persevere in their profession and cannot take a break.When the much awaited holidays appear, they are finally able to rest. However, their immune system is compromised, and they immediately fall prey to illness.
Cursing their fate, they often resent all the healthy people enjoying Christmas, whilst they languish in bed. ‘Why me?’ they ask.
Their nervous system is often depleted and they feel depressed and anxious all holiday.
They recover just in time to begin work in January, and trudge off resentfully to work wondering where their holiday went. Their bodies are extremely depleted of vitamins and minerals and they cannot function well for the rest of the year. Eventually, chronic disease sets in over time.
A lack of exercise will also cause their muscles to sag. Sore knees, sagging stomach, and dirty lymph fluid are often side effects.
‘But I walk around the block for exercise ‘ you may say. However, this gives your body no intensity in it’s training, and fails to build muscle in all areas of the body. Often people imagine this is the effect of old age, but it actually means you have failed to prevent your body falling into decay.
‘What must I do? ‘you cry in desperation.

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