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Nutritionist Sarah West.

Lighten Up

clothes too tight?

clothes too tight?

I have been in the nutritional business for many years. One of the most common and distressing disorders I encounter is overweight. Once we are overweight, our self-esteem plummets from a high place.
We have nothing to wear, as our clothes do not fit. We don’t look forward to social occasions and withdraw from society. Living in denial for years, we are rudely awakened by unsightly bulges. The strain of extra weight puts us at risk of a heart -attack.
My hope is that people from all walks of life will understand that help is at hand. Nutritionally there is so much you can do. L-tyrosine and L-carnitine are proteins that help burn fat more quickly. If you are deficient in these, often your weight will not budge.
A client was battling with her weight. I suggested she take these two supplements, and within a week she saw a marked difference. Hydro-citric acid , derived from oranges, is another supplement which decreases appetite. A herbal and green protein drink is ideal for a meal replacement.

Often, as we get older, we try and eat the same quantities of food that we did when we were younger. The fact is, we don’t need the food. Once we are eating too much food, it becomes toxic to our body.
The difficulty can be that we are used to our old diet and feel helpless to change the habit. That is where supplements can be helpful. If we eat food that has low nutritional value, we are often permanently hungry.
A change in diet to high quality food and organic supplements is the answer. You will soon find you do not need to consume the same amount. If you would like help in this matter, please phone me for an appointment. I will analyse you for nutritional deficiency and give you a diet.

For the months of March and April, I am offering a R50.00 reduction on the fee, for weight loss customers. So, don’t waste time. Book now!

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