Nottingham Road Refreshed

NRR aloes stonewall cropped Andrew McGregor

New stone wall planted with aloes. Pic by Andrew McGregor

It’s easy for small towns in Kwa Zulu Natal to start to look a little dishevelled but the enthusiasm of Nottingham Road residents has ensured that their village is not heading that way. Unpretentious and not at all exclusive, Nottingham Road Refreshed (NRR) intends to enhance the authentic country feel that draws visitors to the area.

A small group of volunteers formed the organisation in 2009, to stop the slide into ‘unkempt and tatty’ and now has an impressive plan to revamp much of the village. Their first project was transforming the intersection at The Junction, from an overgrown mess symptomatic of the neglect the village felt, into a neatly fenced and attractive road island. Then they tacked the front of the Post Office, creating stepped planters filled with low maintenance plants. More recently simple stone walls were built around the unloved verges alongside bottle store and taxi rank and planted with Aloes which are an absolute picture in winter.

NRR has worked hard to build relationships with uMngeni Municipality and collaborates with other community organisations such as the Nottingham Road Landowners Association and the Nottingham Road Tourism Association ensuring that this community initiative has thrived. Labour and contractors are local, strengthening community and the local economy. Litter management is a priority and clearing alien invasive vegetation is on-going. The vacant ground next to the Police Station is next in line to get the refreshed treatment, turning it from a dumping ground into a green oasis.

Andrew McGregor, a new resident, wondered what it would be like to be involved in a small community when he relocated from Johannesburg 18 months ago. “I realised that the best way to integrate was to say YES, no matter what the question. So I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to NRR and am so impressed at what a small committed group can achieve.”

NRR has made a big impact and with more support from the community it serves, will ensure Nottingham Road remains an attractive and welcoming village by tackling one project at a time. If you live in the area, why not commit to contributing a monthly amount to their projects? For details contact Andrew McGregor 083 824 7278 or Kari Greene 082 824 7278