No Traffic Jams Along the Extra Mile!

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile!

Recently, Racefood headquarters in the Midlands was truly humbled by the story of a stranger going the extra mile.

Racefood's Rose Clark with Eugenia Chonco

Racefood’s Rose Clark with Eugenia Chonco

The story began in 2014 when the company’s brand new Racefood arch was being transported to the Salomon Skyrun in the Eastern Cape. High winds blew the arch off the vehicle, unbeknown to the driver. After a 3-day fruitless search the Arch was written off.
This week, two years since this event, the Racefood team received a call from a Eugenia Conco, aka Gogo, of Umzimkulu who phoned to tell us a story. And what a story it turned out to be – one of honesty, kindness, and an unwavering determination!
Gogo had found the arch on the side of the road, and recognising it as something of importance, she took it to her home, noted the name Racefood and started the her quest to find out what Racefood was, in order to return her find!
Numerous trips to Ixopo Library & Municipality and daily prayers to God revealed nothing, and then… technology came to this modest home in Umzimkulu. Eugenia had saved money and bought a laptop for her grandson who resides with her. Gogo had access to Google and finally Racefood became “tangible”, and more importantly, contactable! And Gogo was finally able to make that call, to return our “fallen arch”!
Armed with bundles of Racefood and a reward for this impressive gesture of goodwill, the team set off to meet Gogo at her humble home in the E.Cape.
The visit revealed even more remarkable facts about this impressive woman. Gogo revealed that she is 79 years YOUNG, with a dynamic sporting interest. She walks 6km every day, three times a week with a group of young girls to help improve fitness levels, as well as three times a week with other old gogo’s from another village. She takes part in the Golden Age Games every week, a medley of activities including croquet, jukskei, “snake walk, duck walk”. All participants are elderly members of the community. Last year they formed a team and competed in Richards Bay! Her walls are decorated with several of her medals from various events in which she has participated.
Prayers were definitely answered – in going the extra mile for us, Eugenia not only reunited us with our arch, but turned out to be a perfect ambassador for Racefood. Pure goodness that carries you the extra mile!