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What's not to love about walking

What’s not to love about walking

What’s not to love about walking? Walking is a conversation with the earth. Today, most people live in cities and have lost contact with nature. Walking helps people to see the beauty around them.
A few times a week I go for a walk with my dog Tiger up on the grassland, often my two little brothers come with us. Tiger really likes walking – you can see this from the way he bounces, running up the road, making new friends with other dogs, playing with the kids. Sometimes we just go, not knowing where we are heading, but just putting one foot in front of the other. We observe what is new, what has changed in our area and we meet different people.
On 1st January, my friends and I went for a walk in the afternoon, all the way from kwaMpumuza to Caluza. It was so nice walking, sharing our funny childhood and soccer stories and laughing. This was good because, if we were sitting in the house we would not tell stories. Instead we would play loud music or watch a movie. I promote walking over TV games and movies. The road was quiet it was just the three of us. It was a great way to start our 2015.
Walking is a free and simple way to be active and get exercise. The most important part is that it reduces stress. Anyone who comes back from a walk comes back different. After I have been walking my mind relaxes. I feel like I am free from something. Walking is the thing to do.