NKulu’s Eye – So much can be done with two Rand.

So much can be done with two Rand.

Nkulus-story-pic-R2-2-ed155-aug15During my first and second year at school, I used to carry two Rand as my school pocket money and buy myself a quarter of bread with polony and an apple.

These days, most of us think that you can do nothing with two Rand. That is not true. With this little amount of money you can have so much fun without even noticing that you only have two Rand. Remember – millionaires would never have been millionaires if they did not have two Rand to start with.

Here are some ideas: you can send 10 What’s App messages to connect with your friends and chat about life; play two games of pool with a friend in a township tavern; spend the whole day at the uMngeni Municipal swimming pool in Howick; buy four packets of sherbet which gives your tongue such a happy feeling or give it to a car guard.

Nonduduzo Ngobe says ”So much can be done using the two Rand coin. For instance, you cannot buy the basic food like milk, bread and maize meal when you are short of two Rand. It does not end there – kids use R2 to buy yummy treats like sweets.”

In Swayimane, which is a is a disadvantaged community, a group of women want to improve their standard of living, not only for themselves, but the whole community at large. They meet every Monday and every time when they meet they all contribute two Rand. They have now saved R7 000.000 because of the two Rand contribution.

You do not need thousands (or millions) to have fun, I do not underestimate two Rand.
Now with every two Rand I will have so much fun like never before, I will not wait to have twenty, thirty or fifty rand to have fun.