Nkulus Eye – Inyanga

The countryside life is different from the urban life. In the countryside it is nice and quiet and you enjoy nature but in urban areas most of the people are not interested in nature or even care about it. I still prefer the country life.

I always enjoyed watching the full moon rise and listening to the frogs singing at night when I lived in Nottingham Road, but now I cannot see the moon because of the street lights that shine all night, every day of every week. I also cannot see it rise, I only see it when it is over overhead. All I can hear at night now is the sound of the car engines and it has been a while since I heard the frogs calling.

My mother, Khombisile Mkhwanazi, lives in the country and enjoys the moon. ”When I see the full moon I just sit on my bench and look up the sky at the beautiful mother which is the moon and her family the stars. If I had to choose between the moon and the sun I would choose the moon, the full moon brings peace and sweet dreams to my sleep. I remember when we were young and wanted to celebrate a birthday, we would wait until the full moon so that we will have light for the party. We would dance and sleep on our backs just watching the moon.”

In Zulu the word for moon is inyanga. This is also the word for month and for traditional healer. I miss the gentle light that the moon brings. Even when it is not full moon it still makes a lot of light. Why are we wasting energy when we can save it buy turning the street lights off and using the moon light to guide us?

Nkulus eye moon rise over forest ed139 apr14

Let’s use moonlight! Photo: Nkululeko Mdladla