New Midlands Meander Guide to be launched on 18 September

Midlands Meander 2014 2015 Guide Teaser web sep14

The much-anticipated new 2014/2015 Midlands Meander Guide is hot off the press and will officially be launched at the Midlands Meander Association AGM on 18 September.

The annual Guide is a gateway to the Midlands Meander, a collection of arranged routes in the KZN Midlands that offer visitors the beautiful work of artists and crafters as well as a range of activities and hospitality in truly beautiful surroundings. The Guide includes must-have information about each of the 143 Midlands Members, as well as a map of the five self-drive routes. It also includes useful information to add to the Midlands Meander experience such as natural areas and conservancies, tour operators, museums, and important contact numbers.
The Midlands Meander Guide has come a long way from the single-page map that was produced in the early days of the Midlands Meander in the 1980s. Ingrid Andersen, General Manager of the MMA, says, “We are proud that over thirty years, the Meander has become a much-loved, world-famous tourism destination.”
The theme for the 2014/2015 Guide is a focus on our natural areas found in the Midlands – pristine mistbelt forests, extensive grasslands and biologically-significant wetlands. Both our visitors and locals draw inspiration, peace, and fulfilment from the spectacular natural surroundings of the Midlands Meander.
As for this cover… this year’s dramatic front page remains a closely guarded secret until the launch on September 18th. The Midlands Meander invites you to explore, dream, indulge, love, create, play, stay – pick up your new Midlands Meander Guide along the Meander routes.

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