New Hanover Prep’s Owls


James McCullough standing in front of the display created by the Grade Threes in honour of our school owls!

Owls at New Hanover Prep (By: S. Redinger)
“There is a special quality about this small school, hard to describe in words, but perhaps best illustrated by the return each year of a rare spotted eagle owl that comes to nest in a tree in the middle of the school grounds.” This was part of an article written in the Sunday Tribune on 27 September 1998.
This same family of very special spotted eagle owls, residing in the scenic grounds of New Hanover Prep School, has become a unique and fascinating feature. The owls are seen daily and have been nesting in the same beautiful old Indian Mahogany tree near the entrance to the school for nineteen years! They are often around the school watching over classes and even assembly.
Because owls have become such an integral part of our school life at NHP, and because they symbolise wisdom and knowledge, they have been adopted as our school mascot. As usual, at this time of the year, the mother owl is in her favourite spot and we are all eagerly awaiting the birth of her young owlets! We also now have a new family of barn owls nesting in our headmaster’s office ceiling!
We, at New Hanover Prep, strive to educate our children about the importance of environment conservation. Respecting these rare and beautiful creatures is just one of the ways in which we do that.