NHPcollageWe live in a diverse world where children will be exposed to many different people and experiences. As adults caring for children, we can show the positive aspects of differences. Learning how we are all the same and different can lead to acceptance and tolerance.

2013 Grade Threes at New Hanover Prep School researched the cultures and traditions of people from diverse cultures around the world throughout their final term. At their International Festival they had to dress up as a person from the country they had studied this term. They shared samples of the food from that country with the audience of family and friends. Some dishes included Sweet and Sour Pork from China, Quiche Escargots Lorraine from France and Pizza Pinwheels from Italy. They also shared a traditional song or anthem from their country. Celebrating our differences is an ongoing discovery. As caregivers of young children, we need to encourage the positive aspects of similarities and differences throughout all we do with children on a regular basis.


(By: S.Redinger)