New Hanover Prep

New Hanover Prep doing Business (By: P. Webster)

Prospective customers queue expectantly at the opening of the Grade 7’s business, 007Chefs. This year selling waffles, and later pancakes, with savoury and sweet toppings, these young entrepreneurs hope to swell their bank accounts by the end of the third term when they close the business.
The Grade 7’s show their belief in their capabilities of growing their investments by buying shares into their business to raise their working capital. A mission statement is drawn up and the young people elect their peers to fulfil the responsibilities of the various portfolios – Chairperson/Manager, Book keeper, Secretary, Purchasing team, Market Manager and team and Production Manager and team. The business also employs a person to help them do the cooking because of time constraints.
Dividends are paid out at the end of the third term and a contribution is always made to the Phillip Klipp Trust Fund.
Whilst trading, these young people are learning that making money takes effort, accountability, team work, organization and other important life skills. Interestingly enough, money earned appears to be harder to spend!

NHP-chefs-doing-business-web-junePhoto: Some of the 007 Chef’s; Friedhold Schröder, Eveshan Govender, Daniela Klee and Tayler Oellermann, eagerly awaiting their opening of their business.

 CROSS COUNTRY – The Best Fitness Program! (By: S. Redinger)

Kids running cross country is one of the most basic forms of kids sport. Most kids are born with the ability to run. With some specific sports coaching, kids training for cross country can see dramatic improvements in their running strength and running endurance .
Visiting schools who attended a recent cross country event hosted at New Hanover Prep, commented on the beautiful scenery in the area. Mention should be made of some of the NHP runners who came in with the top ten runners in their age-groups. Miles Wolhuter – 1st, Phillippa Braithwaite – 2nd, Kyle Dobeyn – 3rd, Jonathon Braithwaite and Ben Hough – 4th, Phumelela Mbenze and Melissa Dobeyn – 9th and Amy Scheuer, Stefanie Ortmann and Ryan Dobeyn – 10th . This is quite an achievement when running against many of the top runners in the Midlands area.
Our sports coaches love kids running cross country because it is a sport where effort in training certainly is rewarded. Cross country also plays a valuable part in the fitness training for many of our other sporting activities, such as hockey, rugby and soccer.
Pics: Dominic Casey boots the ball downfield during the U13 Boys soccer match vs. Clarendon.
And, the NHP U13 boys soccer team which played at the Epworth soccer tournament.




At New Hanover Prep, each classroom is being equipped with its own electronic whiteboard so that all educators now have, at their fingertips, a lot more opportunities for students to enjoy the interaction that technology offers! Teachers can accommodate different learning styles, capture the attention of learners and encourage the involvement of learners in the subject. They also have instant access to a vast array of multimedia resources and can use the internet with a whole class. Learners are showing increased motivation as the flexibility and scope for imaginative lesson planning is huge! All of our staff are currently being trained on how to utilise their projectors to transform lessons into interactive learning experiences.NHP-Smart-Boards-for-Smart-Minds-web-june
Grade 5 learner, Mondli Gumede, gets the opportunity to mummify a body by using a ‘hands on’ interactive activity.