New Hanover Prep Reaching Out

In a self-centered world, we need to learn to teach children to care and reach out to others.
We can start by fostering empathy in our children. To develop empathy at New Hanover Prep School we try to encourage our children to become aware of others’ feelings and to see situations from alternate points of view. We do this by trying to make a difference in our local community, visiting old age homes and schools in the area. Our community outreach programmes and events not only build goodwill but this time we also gained a chance to promote the benefits of physical activity by having a fitness focus. We invited our neighbouring school, Fortmann Spruit, for a fun-filled day where we played a variety of games and physical activities. We then enjoyed ice lollies and doughnuts together and ended off the morning playing soccer. There was a great sense of comradeship and many new friendships were developed.


Children from both schools working together on a puzzle.