National e-waste Collection Day – 13 July 2013


E-waste includes: Electric appliances, including fridges and washing machines,broken PCs, mouse & printers, electronic toys, VCRs, gaming consoles & cables.

All these items contain both valuable and hazardous materials that can cause harm to the environment and human health if not handled correctly. In general the valuable bits help to fund the expensive hazardous waste treatment and or disposal of hazardous items such as mercury bearing lamps (CFLs and florescent tubes), batteries, and lead-containing glass found in old TV and computer monitors.

Lets all take part and keep the stuff out of the landfill sites, and illegal dump sites where leaching can cause contamination of our streams!

On 13 July all e- waste can be taken to only these places in KZN:
All Macros, Incredible connection & Hi Fi stores
Pick nd Pays will take all batteries & ink cartridges

For more info on drop off points in other parts of SA (many more than in KZN!) have a look at:

e-Waste includes: Any
As this is an annual event, perhaps make some space in the garage or storage cupboard and bring the items for safe recycling and/or disposal once a year