Naledi Ngake’s Adventure


Six eco-committee members of Shea O’Connor School had a trip to an amazing, peaceful place called Cobham Nature Reserve. After we unpacked, we were already ready to explore. We went to the beautiful Pholela River flowing under a bridge. We were so happy. We took pictures of all the features we saw and fell in love with the Pholela River. Even though the weather was cold, it didn’t matter, we desperately wanted to swim! Christeen made sure our clothes did not get wet from the rain and after swimming we had a hot shower to warm up. Nikki made us tea and a wonderful, healthy meal for supper. We helped to wash the dishes and had different bags for all our recycling and waste, we did not leave anything behind.

The uKhahlamba Drakensberg is a World Heritage Site. We learnt about how the land formed and looked at the maps to find our location. We took a walk and I wrote notes of everything I observed. The best things for me were seeing the animals tracks (jackal and water mongoose) baboons, eland and indigenous plants like Leucosidea serica and protea. I learnt a lot about nature.
When we hiked up into the mountains, we sat alone and were quiet. You know, a person needs some quiet time. It felt good listening to the sound of nature and the river flowing. I observed that there were clouds covering the mountain and they were rising. Watching them rise was the best part.

I hope that we can visit this place again. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to go, especially N3TC who paid for everything. We will never forget this weekend.

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