N3TC ROUTE UPDATE 10 December 2015

N3TC ROUTE UPDATE 10 December 2015

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The peak holiday traffic season exposes drivers to greater risks – “Plan ahead,” advises N3TC

The higher traffic volumes during the December holiday season exposes drivers to greater risks on our roads, and therefore N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) and its partners are taking every precaution to make the route as safe as possible during this busy period.

Motorists should ensure they have essential provisions, such as chronic medication, baby necessities, food and water, to cope with the eventuality of protracted delays. They should also allow extra travel time at peak times and keep in mind that weather conditions can change quickly, causing roads to be wet and visibility poor. Always check the weather forecast before your departure for the entire route,” says Andy Visser, marketing manager of N3TC.

N3TC expects the following peak periods this Festive Season:
• Southbound (towards KwaZulu-Natal) – Friday, 11 December between 10h00 and 22h00
• Southbound (towards KwaZulu-Natal) – Saturday and Sunday, 12 and 13 December between 06h00 and 15h00
• Southbound (towards KwaZulu-Natal) – Wednesday, 16 December between 06h00 and 15h00
• Southbound (towards KwaZulu-Natal) – Thursday, 17 December between 06h00 and 15h00
• Southbound (towards KwaZulu-Natal) – Friday, 18 December between 06h00 and 15h00
• Southbound (towards KwaZulu Natal) – Thursday, 24 December between 10h00 and 20h00
• North and Southbound – Sunday to Thursday, 27 – 31 December
• Northbound (towards Gauteng) – Saturday to Sunday, 02 – 03 January
• Northbound (towards Gauteng) – Friday to Sunday, 07 – 09 January

Expect visible law enforcement and traffic check points along the entire route.
In an effort to curb the high incidence of drivers and pedestrians under the influence of drugs and alcohol along main traffic routes, N3TC has funded alcohol and drug screening equipment and training to officers of the SA Police Service, and Provincial and Municipal law enforcement agencies along the N3 Toll Route.

Lifeloc alcohol screening devices and drug screening tests have been issued to various SA Police Service (SAPS) stations as well as to the Provincial and Municipal Road Traffic Inspectorate along the Route.

During various law enforcement operations performed at road blocks on or in the vicinity of the N3 Toll Route this year (January to October 2015), 7595 alcohol screening tests were performed. As a result, 88 drivers were arrested on the N3, and 623 drivers were arrested along arterial routes leading to the N3 Toll Route. Substance abuse is a contributing factor towards motor vehicle crashes, and particularly crashes involving pedestrians (where either the driver or pedestrian, or both, are under the influence).

This holiday season, road users can expect even more decisive action from law enforcement agencies. Screening tests will be performed at road blocks along and near the N3 Toll Route. Drivers under the influence of either drugs or alcohol should expect to be arrested and prosecuted. It is your responsibility to make your holiday a safe and carefree one. It is often innocent road users who suffer the most harm at the hands of intoxicated drivers. Do not risk your own life or the lives of others. It’s simply not worth it,” warns le Roux.

Partnerships for road safety
To ensure the N3 Toll Route is as safe as possible, N3TC has teamed up with IMPERIAL I-Pledge to enhance overall emergency capacity through the provision of 15 additional law enforcement and medical services patrol vehicles. These vehicles will be used for high visibility law enforcement, emergency assistance and general assistance on congested roads.

BMW South Africa has made available three additional technical support vehicles that are fully equipped to provide technical assistance during breakdowns and post-crash emergency support.

Motorists can expect the following support services and road safety initiatives along the N3 Toll Route:
Strict law enforcement along entire route and traffic check points on key dates;
• Random checks for roadworthiness of vehicles;
• Random testing of drivers who may be under the influence of alcohol or other substances
• Enforcement of public transport compliance;
• Medical Services with intermediate and/or advanced life support units will satellite at strategic points;
• Medical rescue units and air ambulances will be on standby;
• Humanitarian groups will also be on standby for major crashes and post-crash care support to crash victims; and
• Disaster and rescue trailers will be placed at strategic locations.

The Community Medical Services (CMS) team with specialised knowledge of Van Reenen’s Pass, in particular, will help to manage emergencies in the Van Reenen and Ladysmith region. This remarkable group of volunteer paramedics, nurses and doctors was founded by Philip Hull and has been monitoring the Van Reenen’s Pass area of the N3 Toll Route for more than 30 years.

Payment methods along N3 Toll Route
Automated electronic Tag payment is now available as a convenient and optional payment method in selected lanes at all toll plazas between Heidelberg and Cedara.

Should you have fitted a SANRAL Tag in your vehicle and wish to use it as a payment method, please choose the orange lane at toll plazas. All orange lanes have been fitted with automated Tag readers. Users who have SANRAL Tags in their vehicles, but do not wish to make use of the automated payment option, should avoid the orange lanes.

The following payment options are still available for Class 1 vehicles:
• Cash
• South African Bank-issued Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARDS only)
• Garage Cards
No debit cards are accepted.

More information about the Tag payment option is available on www.n3tc.co.za

N3 Route Control Centre on standby to provide 24/7 assistance
Before leaving home motorists are advised to obtain the latest road conditions for the N3 Toll Route to help them avoid unexpected delays on their journeys. Motorists can contact the 24-hour N3TC Route Control Centre on 0800 63 4357 (0800 N3 HELP) or talk to N3TC on Twitter @N3Route.

N3TC wishes everyone traveling on the roads over the holiday season, particularly the N3 Toll Route, safe travels and an enjoyable, well-earned holiday. blog-merry-christmas