Municipal Service Delivery Protests Impact on the N3 Toll Route and Mooi River Toll Plaza

As the Municipal Service Delivery Protests in the Mpofana district enter their fifth day; the law enforcement authorities and N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) remain on high alert to limit the impact of the protest on the flow of traffic along the N3 Toll Route.

The situation in the Mooi River area is volatile, with a few motorists reporting the stoning of vehicles and intermittent blockading of the N3. Furthermore, manning of the Mooi River Toll Plaza has been affected by the protest action causing delays and queues at times.

N3TC has been actively working alongside SAPS, RTI and the local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to limit the impact on the N3 and to maintain a flow of traffic through the area. “We are extremely grateful that in all instances N3TC has received the full support and assistance from SAPS and RTI to safeguard motorists using the N3,” commented Andy Visser, marketing manager of N3TC.

N3TC is appealing to motorists to avoid the area, if possible, or to delay departures. “The challenge remains that the situation rapidly changes and we are primarily focused on making sure that motorists along with our staff are safe,” continued Visser.

Road users wanting to travel through the Mooi River area are advised to contact the N3TC 24-hour Customer Careline on 0800 N3 Help (0800 63 4357) or by following N3TC on Twitter: @N3Route.