The Midlands Meander Association Education Project (MMAEP) turns 10 this year

The Midlands Meander Association Education Project (MMAEP) turns 10 this year. This small NPO supports 20 schools, assists community gardens, run two weekend enviro clubs, a Super Bug Club for vulnerable children, frequent holiday camps and create school libraries. With the focus on environmental education and life skills the project works with schools on the internationally recognised Eco-School programme which encourages whole school development and learning. The MMAEP facilitators (fondly known as The Bugs) co-teach exciting hands-on lessons that fit with the curricular demands and bring a distinctive ‘magic’ element into the classroom using a variety of colourful techniques and skills. The vision of the organisation is “to help schools in the Midlands nurture capable, confident, curious children who are sensitive to environmental issues, who have the resilience to cope with a changing world and are able to contribute positively to their communities”.

Over the years the project has garnered awards in international tourism, the KZN Young Achievers Award and won the prestigious Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Education award. The MMAEP has produced a climate change DVD, booklets and lesson resources and also run teacher training workshops on topics as diverse as puppetry, compost making, permaculture, empathic teaching, recycling, climate change and local history. Our funders have become an integral part of the organisation, they share our vision and have become over the years close friends. Without the ongoing support of N3TC, Thatu, NTC, Hulamin nothing would be possible. They, together with the National Lottery Fund, Community Chest, Foundation for Human Rights, E-rotary and the ongoing support of the local conservancies, ensures a vital continuity. Thanks to them the MMAEP has grown from humble beginnings into a diverse and thriving team that brings much needed inspiration into thousands of children and adult lives around the KZN Midlands.

The MMAEP will be holding a photographic exhibition celebrating their ten years at the Lions River Club on 19th/20th July. It will be a chance to see the quality of work that they have done and experience some of the passion.

For further information visit The Midland Meander Education Project on Facebook, their website or contact them direct on 033 330 7260 (mornings only).

MMAEP Bugs in action

MMAEP Bugs in action.

Food Gardens pic