The Meander Chronicle May edition out and about in the Midlands

The Meander Chronicle May edition out and about in the Midlands

Looking back on past Editor’s letters,  I have come across the letter of May 2016.

The theme is much the same so here we go…with slight modifications! A long ago time I tired of paying for a morning dose of negativity in the local papers, and resorted most often to local online news to keep abreast of rapidly changing names in politics, and a story or two that should keep me in the conversational loop when I meet with clients, business associates or friends. A quick check on the headlines over the past week made me grateful yet again that we decided 14 years ago to keep things relevant but positive in the Meander Chronicle. It makes getting up in the morning a whole lot easier, and everything we tell you is TRUE!
So, Eskom stories (again), Municipal woes (again), tragic end to young TV star (again), the Gupta/Zuma saga and so on … for another day perhaps, so let’s indulge in the real side of SA life in the KZN Midlands where people DO, not just say, places ARE beautiful and passion FUELS the difference.

And the hardcopy is out! Currently being uploaded to web …

Our front page story is another Afrikaburn delight! Lara Kirsten we do love you, and the joyful approach you have in your creative talent, and your “just do it” character.

Instead of the 100% negative approach to agriculture, read about the recent crop of Future Farmers local woman Judy Stuart is nurturing in our back yard, and beyond. It’s heartwarming stuff and a truly South African story of grit, and faith.

As usual the Midlands is full to bursting with activity this weekend and every other one after that. Keep up to date on It’s tough keeping up but we try and get as much out there as we can!
There’s plenty more both in this edition, and on our website..the good news never stops.
Enjoy the last of the May days, and have a good June.