Malcolm Powell receives international accolade

Midlands Environmentalist receives international accolade

KZN Midlands resident Malcolm Powell has been made an Honorary Member of the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), receiving this remarkable accolade during FEE’s General Assembly that took place last month in Ahmedabad, India, in recognition of his 12 years of service on the FEE Board.

Recognised by UNESCO as a world-leader within the fields of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development, FEE‘s mission – in collaboration with its members and partners worldwide – is to engage and empower people through education. FEE is based in Denmark and runs five major environmental education programmes around the world, three of which are implemented locally on FEE’s behalf by WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), namely Eco-Schools, Blue Flag and – most recently – Green Key.
Powell first became involved with FEE in 1999 while working for WESSA, when South Africa – through the then Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) – began negotiations to become a member of FEE so that the Blue Flag programme could be implemented locally.

Once South Africa was admitted as a member of FEE in 2000, Powell was appointed as the country’s representative at the General Assemblies and was later elected to FEE’s international board, thereby becoming the first board member from outside of Europe. In his 12-year tenure on the board he was then responsible for the Blue Flag programme worldwide. In his new role as Honorary Member, Powell will fulfil the role of ambassador for FEE, representing them wherever required. He will also continue to formally represent WESSA – and hence South Africa – at FEE’s General Assemblies.

Powell, who retired from WESSA in 2007, has been closely associated with the organisation since 1972 and was employed by WESSA for over 30 years, firstly in the capacity of Director of Environmental Education and, since 1994 until his retirement, as Chief Executive Officer.