For the Love of a Car

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We all feel a special affection for the first car we own and drive and this love story tickled us for the february edition. Hilton College Old Boy, Gerhardus “Gerrie” Snidt celebrated his good fortune at winning the Auto Trader #carLove competition recently, which saw the 21-year old drive home in a classic ’69 VW Kombi.

“I signed up do the Put Foot Rally which travels through South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. I was looking for a Kombi to do the trip in. When I saw the competition I decided to try my luck,” said Snidt.

The nationwide competition, which started in October 2013, followed the Auto Trader team as they travelled in the Kombi from Johannesburg to Cape Town in search of everyday love stories between people and their cars. Hopeful entrants wanting to win the Kombi, submitted their stories of their motor-vehicle adoration via social media platforms and to a dedicated website. Over 18,000 public votes determined the top 10 entrants, from which the best story was later chosen by a panel of judges.

Snidt submitted a heartfelt story of his beloved ‘Rooi Blitz’, a 1989 Datsun bakkie inherited from his father. His submission read, “Rooi Blitz is a simple old skedonk: tape player radio, corner windows his only air-con, a little slow on a cold winter morning and a little heavy on love juice at 110km/h.”

“It was a unanimous decision in Gerrie’s favour. His love for his ‘skedonk’ made everyone smile and reminded us of our love for our first car, dents and all,” said Auto Trader Marketing Director, Angie Lynch.

Why I love my Car! #carlove!

I was but merely a toddler, when I first drove him. Yet since then he has been my companion, my mentor and my joy. Through his constant window-rattle and his lively vibrations he has whispered some of life’s wisdom to me, young at heart: “Quality is in Simplicity”, and “Humility is worth more than Gold.” Aged 1 and in my baby chair I sat square in the middle of Rooiblitz, my 1400 Nissan Deluxe bakkie. My father left for a second and I saw my first chance at freedom: Screaming (with joy), I kicked the gear lever to neutral, and off I went, backward, behind the wheel of ly lifelong trusty “pel”. Crossing a busy highway alone and backwards, Rooiblitz kept me safe, just as he has done for 21 years since that day. He is just a simple old skedonk: a tape player radio, corner windowshis only aircon, a little slow on a cold winter morning and a little heavy on Love juice at 110km/h. Yet I loved him as a baby, and I love him more now aged 21, a student and man he has made me, with joy on his wheels since the day I could remember.