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FUEL FOR LIFE by Bear Grylls

When I first looked at this book, I thought “Oh No, not another recipe book”. Then I looked closer and saw that it says a lot to people wanting to be fit and healthy – you know the types, workouts and healthy eating!

However, once I looked properly and started trying some of the recipes I was amazed. Bear Grylls, best known for his adventure series ON TV (they reach an estimated 1.2 billion viewers in 200 countries) and author of Mud, Sweat and Tears, has authored this extremely informative, comprehensive and, with such stunning photographs, lovely book.

Grylls makes it clear that food is to be enjoyed as well as being beneficial to your health. One of his rules is to break a few rules sometimes! At the same time he explains what your body needs, why and how to provide it easily and quickly. His recipes are dairy, wheat and sugar free and he clarifies why, to gain optimal physical and mental health, you should gradually cut out what your body is telling you it doesn’t want or need.
The recipes include chocolate cake, cheesecake, sausages, seed bars, pancakes, pizzas, curry, spaghetti, sticky toffee pudding – and we thought it would be all raw carrots and beans!

Grylls give thanks at the beginning of this book to Kay van Beersum, a highly motivated and qualified nutritionist, for enlightening him and his family for “sifting the truth from the fiction, towards our goal of lean, clean, delicious fuel for life and longevity.”
That is what this superb new recipe book is all about.
Released in South Africa by Penguin Random House, ISBN978-0-5930-7587-6