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MY FUNNY AFRICA by Greer Noble.

Sitting around a camp fire, with a group of intrepid Africa explorers, adventurers and friends, we hear so many stories of narrow escapes, extraordinary bush happenings, and wild animals behaving in almost unbelievable ways. Some of the stories become funnier or more hair-raising as the night goes on, but they always keep one spell-bound.
Greer Noble has cleverly put together over 100 anecdotes from people who have worked, lived and loved the African Bush. With amusing sketches by Sue Maas, there is much to chuckle about and even gasp in amazement when you read of some of the close-shaves and ‘hairy’ moments some people have had.

Greer, who was born and brought up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, with parents who not only loved the bush but taught her so much about it, has written many of the stories in this book. Having lived on the shores of Lake Kariba, surrounded with wildlife, she has many tales of her own vast experiences – not just in Zimbabwe but in other African countries too – which she tells so well.

Amongst the authors who have contributed to this kaleidoscope of yarns is not only Wilbur Smith and Jane Goodall, but authors Rob Fynn, Diana M Hawkins, Bob Shacochis and Ken Tilbury. Poet supreme Bart Wolff, and the great wildlife conservationist and ‘bushmen’ Lloyd Wilmot, Gareth Patterson, Will Travers (OBE) Charles Mackie, and wildlife artist Larry Norton – and many more have contributed.
Did I have a favourite story? Yes, I have to confess, though it was a hard decision, I thought Colin Lowe’s ‘Dying in Africa’ not only was so funny, but was also so typical of how Africa works. And it does work! Oh, and yes, maybe Will Travers’ ‘ Moving Tembo’…and….and…and – there are so many more good ones!
Greer has left each contribution to this book in the style it was first written, thus making for a more varied and possibly more authentic portrayal of the ‘true tales’. She is donating a percentage of the royalties to The Born Free Foundation.

If there are enough people, I am happy to do a bulk order with Greer and have them sent to Howick. Those wanting a copy of this book please let me know on
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