Literary Lines – a Christmas wish list

Literary Lines – a Christmas wish list.

With Christmas around the corner – yet again – we are busily trying to tick off who we have bought presents for, and who to still buy for. Somehow the list of who to buy for is still the longest! As a book is always welcomed, here are a few suggestions from those that have recently been published.
KATYA’S HAIRY TALES : THE BACON CHASE by Julia Richman and illustrated by Mrs Beckerling. All about an adorable cat that will do almost anything to have the bacon it so loves.
MAGNUS CHASE AND THE SWORD OF SUMMER by Rick Riordan. Trolls, giants, monsters and Norse gods will keep the teenagers immersed for hours.
Sports fans will enjoy SPRINGBOK RUGBY QUIZ: 1001 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by Pierre Francois Massyn.
Do you know some who loves to travel? Geoffrey Kent’s book SAFARI is an interesting tale of how, with his parents, they started world-renown Abercrombie & Kent, taking celebrities and the wealthy on up-market safaris and tours.
THE GRATITUDE DIARIESLit-Lines-Gratitude-Diaries-cover-ed158-nov15 by Janice Kaplan. Once editor-in-chief of a large circulation magazine in America, reaching72 million people weekly, this investigative journalist writes an absorbing account of why gratitude is so good for you, and how to put it into practise.
It may sound rather intellectual, but CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION : Greeks & Romans in 10 Chapters by Nigel Spivey, is about the history, myth and archaeology of nine real cities and one imaginary one, and is written for all to enjoy.
On the thriller and crime list is Deon Meyer’s latest, now translated into English, ICARUS, and Sandra Brown’s new book, FRICTION.Lit-Lines-friction-cover-ed158-nov15
No Christmas book list is complete without a cook book. ALL SORTS OF SALADS by Chantal Lascaris is really inspiring, and SUGAR & SPICE by Heilie Pienaar is a must for Grandparents, Mums and Dads to enjoy with youngsters. With over 110 recipes for children aged 5 years and over, it even includes gluten-free recipes and is also available in Afrikaans.Lit-Lines-Sugar-and-spice-final-cover-ed158-nov15

Lesley Thomson