Lions River School gets out and about!

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As part of the WESSA Eco-School program the tiny Lions River Primary School received it’s bronze first year certificate last year when it took on the theme ‘Healthy Living’. This year they have added the ‘Community & Heritage’ theme to their portfolio and to support this decided to take a short trip to the Nelson Mandela Capture Site which is only a few kilometres away from their school and for many of the children a short walk from their homes. Some of the children attended the ceremonial unveiling of the sculpture there last year by Jacob Zuma but none had been to the museum or around the sculpture itself.
With the help of the Midlands Meander Education Project the Grade 4 to 7’s toured the museum and assisted by their teacher had to fill out a special created questionnaire about Nelson Mandela. The answers were mostly in the museum but it took lots of reading, exploring and looking at pictures to be able to find them. The Grade R’s – 3’s had a great time taking turns on the trampoline and then created pictures from all the images of Nelson Mandela’s face around the site. All 26 children in the group joined up with their teachers (and the school cook who came too!) and took a walk to the sculpture. Each child picked a piece of sculpture to stand beside and the teacher led in a small but enthusiastic rhythmic drumming on the solid metal. Everybody made a train and snaked in and out of the sculpture stamping feet and laughing as they made their way back up the long walkway and to the welcome shade for juice, fruit and snacks.

The next MMAEP visit to the school will focus on creating Madiba artwork using the information and pictures gathered by the children on the day and will also include planting some of Madiba’s favourite vegetables in the school garden. For further information on the work of the MMAEP please visit or visit the Midlands Meander Association Education Project page on Facebook for the latest pictures.

The MMAEP is grateful for the significant support from N3TC.
Article: submitted by MMAEP Photo : Eidin Griffin