Leg-up for Struggling PMB Family Band

MiTH (Music in the Hills) meets every Wednesday night at The Knoll, Hilton and invites musos to share their talents with local music fans. It hasn’t taken long for the club to attract a loyal following and even on the mistiest nights the venue is full, chilled and hosting some good beat.

Recently, a Pietermaritzburg-based family band, Undivided Roots, took to the stage and with the new PA system donated to them by local company Big Beat Productions, gave visitors a taste of the Rasta beat.

This talented family of Rasta musicians, with an inspirational background story, is made up entirely of siblings. They range in ages from seven to 30, all from the same mother and father. Father, Roots Cele, was a legend in PMB as a street musician, activist and inspiration to many, and taught all the kids how to play and read music. Band/family members are Wadada (30), Revival (23), Heaven (20), Spear (18), Rainbow (15) and Judgement (12).

The family knows hardship all too well, and live in small huts just outside PMB where they were born and raised. All Rastafarians, this beautiful, kind and self-motivated family’s father passed away a few years ago. Band manager Gavin Paul Joliffe promised to take care of the kids if something were to happen to him – he is currently care taker and band manager. Undivided Roots has been busking for years and has performed at events such as Poet’s Porch, the Durban Spar Ladies race and the Royal Show in Pietermaritzburg.

The PA system was handed over by Big Beat Productions’ Kevin Liddell, and will allow the band to play at the kind of small to medium sized venues where bands are sometimes expected to supply their own sound equipment. In addition, Dave Rossouw at Sign Solutions has donated a banner which features a logo designed and donated by Andrea Barras (Graphic Designer & Creative consultant).
Says Liddell: “I can remember watching Roots (the father) at a charming little pub called Churchill’s many years ago. I had seen him around Maritzburg before, busking, but this was the first time I had watched him in a proper setting. As I watched him, he glanced up and shot me a smile, and I was astounded by the presence he radiated. The depth of the man was appealing, he had risen above race, class and any demographic imposed by the society of the time.

Our small contribution to the band will hopefully help them get one step closer to their dreams. I believe that right now they need all the help they can get so that one day in return they will be in a position to help others with their story, their message and their music.”
Band inquiries: Gavin Paul Joliffe, Manager. gavinpaul@pmbnet.co.za Undivided Roots za (Official band page)

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