Our Land of Hope and Glory

Tunes themed around World War One might not be an obvious choice for the young music students of Music Voyage, however to celebrate Heritage Day at the Howick Falls recently, they performed with all the dedication and determination appropriate to the occasion.

After listening enthralled to Rob Caskie talk about unsung heroes of WW1 and the bravery and courage of the men on the warship SS Mende as it sank, the learners took to the stage. To the delight of the crowd who had gathered for this special event at the Falls Amphitheatre, they played Pack up your Troubles, Soon and Very Soon, God Save the Queen and Land of Hope and Glory, amongst others. In collaboration with boys from Cordwalles they played The British Grenadiers March which received a rousing applause!

Music Voyage project manager Helen Menne said afterwards “The music students really enjoyed the experience of performing outdoors and hearing the history. For many of our students it was their first time to see the Howick Falls and they were treated to hot dogs and Frankies drinks and Wedgewood nougat after the show. What a wonderful way to celebrate Heritage Day!”

Music Voyage is such a good cause. These children are helping themselves change their life circumstance. In the process they are gaining a wealth of experience and are truly enjoying the journey. Learn more at www.musicvoyage.co.za

N3TC Story 1 Music Voyage and Cordwalles perform at Howick Falls Amphitheatre ed145 oct14 (2)