Laddsworth winning class has a STEERS party

This Grade 4 class sold the most Fury Raffle tickets in a recent fundraiser for Laddsworth Primary School and their treat was a party at STEERS. Headmaster Gavin Lambooy gamely took up an ice-cream making challenge from Thando, the experienced soft serve specialist at STEERS. The results indicate that Gavin Lambooy is much better suited to being a Headmaster!

Laddsworth party at steers ed144 sep14

L-R: Cyndy Forsyth (owner at STEERS in Hilton), Gavin Lambooy and Colleen Jackson.Front L-R: Megan Anderson, Josh Heafield, Casey Mosdel , Meghan Stainthorpe and Melindi Koekemoer. (supplied)

Laddsworth Steers ed144 sep14small

Thando and Gavin Lambooy compare their soft serve creations, while a beaming Joshua Heafield looks on. (supplied)