Kwathinthwa gets 100% Matric Pass!


Sthembiso Thabethe from Bhobhonono in Cato Ridge achieved 3 A symbols.


KwaThintwa School for the Deaf, based in Cato Ridge, KZN idlands, for the 5th year in succession achieved a 100% matric pass rate in 2015 – An incredible achievement – against all odds, and a backdrop of negativity surrounding the 2015 Matric results.

Every single matric learner got a distinction with especially notable results from Sthembiso Thabethe from Bhobhonono in Cato Ridge, who achieved three A symbols. When handing over the results to Thabethe, Principal Dr Mavis Naidoo reiterated how phenomenal the school’s results were.
“For deaf learners to achieve such commendable results is no easy task. I firmly believe that this proves that all students have the potential to succeed if they have access to quality education in a ‘learning enriched school’. The key is effective leadership, committed teachers who believe in their students, and most of all is a school that has a shared commitment to high expectations for its learners.” Naidoo continued and acknowledged the part that the school community played in the successes and said “ To this end the school community needs to be thanked.”
Speaking on behalf of Sthembiso, ecstatic uncle Mr Nkosingiphile Thabethe said that, “as a family we are over the moon. This has not been an easy journey for the child especially because he lost both his parents at a very young age. In addition he had a history of lengthy hospitalisation impacting on his academic progress. But his resilience and focus was undeterred. As a family we will continue to support his goal in becoming a teacher”.

Sthembiso Thabethe was born and raised in the rural village called Bhobhonono in Cato Ridge, Kwa Zulu Natal and comes from very humble beginnings. He was first admitted at KwaThintwa School for the Deaf in 2002 at the age of 9 through a referral from his school when he lost his hearing. He was brought up by his Grandmother after both his parents passed away at a very young age.

When he was first admitted to Kwathintwa, he was placed in the Remedial class as he needed support to develop his speech after losing his hearing after an in illness. He has Profound Bilateral Sensory Hearing loss – Post Lingual Deafness. He could speak isiZulu and a little bit of basic English which he had learnt from his previous school.
What was clearly evident in Sthembiso was his outstanding intelligence and dedicated involvement in both co-curricullar and extra-curricullar activities. Even at that young age he exhibited an extraordinary sense of purpose and direction for his future. A lengthy spell in hospital during the course of his schooling could have set him back but instead he overcame the challenge, re-entered Kwathintwa in 2006 and continued to show his strength through the following years.
Throughout his academic career, he exhibited an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He would spend his time reading, researching, watching the news and generally always searching for more. He is also an excellent sportsperson and found time to enjoy these pursuits. In his final year, 2015, he was unanimously elected as the School Head Boy. He undertook this responsibility with extreme maturity, able to tackle whatever challenge that came with this position.  He has been fortunate to have a very supportive family; his Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle who understood the value and importance of education and were very supportive during his entire schooling career. He was also very receptive and appreciative of the strong support he got from the school; in class and in the hostel and the constant care from the school nurse and the Audiologists. It is this support and encouragement that built in him this steel-like determination to overcome any challenges he faced in his young life.

When asked what he wants to do in future, he smilingly and positively states that a very bright future lies ahead of him. He wishes to become an Educator, because of his innate desire to make a better life not only for himself but for those around him. He was born a fighter and a leader and both these qualities will take him far in life.

KwaThintwa School for the Deaf was established in 1981 by the Archbishop Dennis Hurley.
He was in a place called Thintwa when little deaf boy touched him. He realised that the boy was deaf and was not in school.
He then opened the school and called it KwaThintwa. The school is a public school on property owned by Roman Catholic Church.
The school start from Grade 0 and goes up to matric. Our intake is from age 3 since this is the critical language acquisition age.
Our children are from impoverished backgrounds and parents barely afford school fees.
We form partnerships with business and other organisations to ensure funds.