KITES FOR KIDS! (By: P. Webster)

NHP School Kites for kids web MaySteven and Johnny introduced the children of NHP to the fascinating hobby of kite flying, indoors and out. Yes, kites can be flown indoors!
These kite-pilots thrilled everyone with their skills at manoeuvring their large kites through the air, despite the lack of wind. The children were awestruck at how they managed to zoot the kites just over their heads and land them gracefully on an outstretched hand.
We are hoping this experience will encourage children to start a new hobby and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.
This display was a small taste of what can be experienced at our Kite Festival on the 12th October, this year.
Like a game of cat-n-mouse, the Grade Ones run and jump to try catch the kite which zoots around and taunts them by hovering just out of their reach.