Treverton was well represented at the annual Cavanagh run at Wagendrift Dam Estcourt. Eight Treverton staff members, four pupils and two parents entered various events. But analyse the names of the participants and it will be revealed that there were quite a few family members enjoying the perfect weather and the challenging exercise.
Prep Grade 6 teacher Andy Dijkstra was the most adventurous, and the fittest, and completed the 52 km run. College staff was represented by Sports Co-ordinator Jason Hyam, Senior Deputy Headmaster Rob Wyatt-Minter, Headmaster Dave Cato, Intern Carmen Tarr together with Grade 11 Micha Stiller and College and Prep parent Lisa George in the 21km half-marathon, which they all completed.
Study the surnames…. Micha’s mum College Head of Music Judith Stiller, the Beddy family Patrick, Ursula and their Grade 4 daughter Lisa, Rob-Wyatt Minter’s wife Sasha and their daughter Emily, a Grade 6 pupil, all completed the 10 km event. They were accompanied by Grade 11 learner Catherine Meyer, who was the leader of the pack achieving a second position in the event.
It was truly a Treverton family affair!


College Representatives L to R: Dave Cato, Rob, Emily and Sasha Wyatt-Minter, Carmen Tarr, Jason Hyam and Catherine Meyer