Inyon’twhele (by Nkulu Mdladla)

West of Pietermaritzburg is a place called KwaMpumuza which is between Edendale and Sweetwaters. It is associated with good people, who are welcoming and treat newcomers with respect. They do not care how long you have been in this area.

KwaMpumuza is not just a name that fell from the sky, this place was named after a Chief by the name of Mpumuza. He was one of the first people to live here. In 1987 a war started between different political movements, where people were killing each other. It ended in 1992. During this time the chief was so disappointed and decided to take his family away. Since then the chief and family are nowhere to be seen but that did not change the name of KwaMpumuza. Once KwaMpumuza, always KwaMpumuza.

The best part of this place is a mountain called Inyon’thwele. The word Nyon’thwele means ‘a bird carrying a load on top of its head’. On top of the mountain there is a rock balancing on top of another rock, that’s why it was given this name. It is a very good mountain to be on top of. The view of KwaMpumuza is great, you feel like you are on top of the world. It is peaceful to be alone and quiet. People of this place have never experienced how cool it is on top of that mountain. When I have told them about walking up Inyon’thwele they think I am a crazy person. All they do is watch TV and keep busy on the Social Networks.

I just wish everyone could experience this experience.