Introducing Sir Loin – AKA Steak club

Morne 1kg steak

Morne with his 1kg steak

The Sir Loin group or otherwise known as steak club, is a group of men who get together once a month to sample various cuts and preparation methods of steak. It all started when our wives started “wine club”. The trouble with a group of ladies aged between 27-33 is that at least half of them are pregnant at any one time, so not much wine is drunk at wine club… it’s probably more like “Whine” club!

Sir Loin has been out on the town for four months now. Our inaugural steak club took place at Corner post restaurant in Howick. The steaks were fantastic even though we only sat down to eat at 10pm because sampling some local brew is also part of our mandate.

Like the average South African man we all think we know a thing or two about steaks but when we asked Brendan Joubert from the Country Blockman to show us various cuts of meat and what to look for in each cut we soon realised that we know very little. This Ex-Zimbo learnt his trade from his father in-law in Wales (whilst wooing the daughter) and his knowledge and insights about steaks were outstanding.

The third Sir Loin function took place at the Fernhill Hotel. Wow what an evening. They knew we were coming and so they went all out. Biltong as snacks on arrival, Rib eye Carpaccio for starters, 2 x huge platters of sliced rump with fresh jalapenos and flaked salt as a second course, followed by 300g sirloin steaks cooked perfectly to everyone’s liking.

The fourth steak club was hosted by Chris Von Alleman, manager at the Merivale Spar and he had a fun idea. We all had to cut our own steak as close to 369g as possible. 369g easy?….well not really, our cuts ranged from 120g to over 1kg….
Chris then arranged for Little Mozambique to cook the steaks and as usual they were brilliant. Although the loser (pictured here with his 1kg steak) had to eat the whole thing with children’s plastic knife and folk, we all had a great evening.

Sir Loin would like to say a huge thank you to all the restaurants and places that have hosted us so far, we are always looking for new ideas and venues to host steak club, and our aim is to support local.

So what next? You’ll have to wait for next month to find out…..
Regards Sir Loin