I must Remember, to Remember!

Local entrepreneur and owner of Such Fun, a kiddie friendly company specialising in Party, Play and Pretend, Shannon Harley, is expanding her Buzz Board range, to include the demands of the older generation schedule!

A close up of the buzz board.

A close up of the buzz board.

“I am a busy mom of 3 boys, 7 dogs (puppies included), 2 cats and 5 neurotic hens. I am always looking for ways to make life a little more organised.” laughs Harley.
Recently Harley received an email from a delightful “granny” which led to the creation of two new products in her Buzz Board range. The granny in question had seen one of the Buzz Board Activity Planners on her Grandkid’s fridge and decided that she needed a more mature version.

Her email read as follows, “I would love one of these boards to help me from failing to remember important things…but the magnetic little reminders are not granny orientated. I no longer do ballet or athletics! How about magnets for bridge, music group, Bible Study etc?”
This provided the AHA moment for Harley. A Granny Board for busy adults!!

A survey on the Such Fun facebook page (www.suchfun.co.za) showed that the activities list of the older generation is extensive, and the fan base shared which activity magnets they thought were important for their moms and grannies. Most of the young moms came back asking for “fetch the grandkids” “Take medication”; “walk the dogs”; “Doctor appointment”…..and the Grannies had a completely different take on things…they asked for Bowls, Yoga, Bridge, Golf, Book Club, lunch date, supper club. “I soon realised that my senior clients have a better social life than most adults my age,” she joked, “it’s no surprise that they needed a weekly planner.”

After much deliberation, and throwing names around, it was decided that the name Forget-Me-Not was the most approriate. Harley was delighted to present a free board to the lady behind the idea, last week. “She is delighted with her planner,” says Harley,” and already has orders from her friends.”

Gaye Clough of Howick, with her "Forget-Me-Not" board in the background.

Gaye Clough of Howick, with her “Forget-Me-Not” board in the background.

What a great idea, and you stand a chance of winning one of these Forget-Me-Nots!

Send an email, by the 7th of June, to editor@meanderchronicle.co.za with your name and address, as well as what is TOP of your Forget-Me-Not list. We will draw the winning entry on the Monday the 9th of June.
DON’T FORGET …. by the 7th of June!