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THE VISITOR count at Howick Falls for the month of October was a healthy 25 498, although the number of foreign tourists was lower compared to October 2014.
Statistics are gathered every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the falls viewsite by Friends of the Falls volunteers and staff of the Howick-uMngeni Community Tourism Organisation (HUCTO).
The month’s total was 2,5% up on September’s 24 880 and 8,7% up on October last year (23 459).
Weekday average was 591 while the average for days over weekends was 1 389. The average daily count works out at 823.
Best day was Friday the 16th with 1 683 when several big school groups arrived on buses.
Foreign visitors totalled 2 271, which was 51% more than September (1 505) but 33% lower than October 2014 (3 405).
The top four foreign countries were Germany (869), followed by Holland (674), England (149) and Belgium (99).
South African visitors totalled 23 227, a fraction down on September (23 375) but up 16% on October last year (20 054).
Visitors from outside the uMngeni Municipality made up 81,7% of the total.
The 77 foreign groups included one each from Denmark, France, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland; two from the USA; three from Belgium; four from England; 28 from Holland and 33 groups from Germany.

Friends of the Falls and HUCTO express their appreciation to Harvard House
for their continuing generous sponsorship of the Statistics Project.

Mr Tim Williams is currently travelling around the KZN Midlands signing up new members for HUCTO and gathering further reliable statistics which will prove the worth of tourism to our area. Unfortunately, there is still a perception among the public that only tourism-related businesses benefit when, in fact, all sections of the Midlands community are providing goods and services needed by the tourism industry. HUCTO’s annual membership subscription is only R240, yet some people still believe that R20 a month is too much!
To our new members we say: You are joining a team of stake-holders who believe in what HUCTO is trying to achieve. By joining HUCTO you are investing in the future of tourism in the uMngeni district and can only enhance the stability of your business.
Think of your membership subscription as an investment, which
means that you will get a return on that investment.

HUCTO congratulates the S.A. Air Force Association for renovating the Goodman Houshold Aviation Monument on district road D293 between Curry’s Post and Karkloof. In a short ceremony on Saturday, November 7, the president of SAAFA, Major-General (Retired) Hugh Paine, unveiled the restored plaque commemorating the Father of Aviation in South Africa who built and flew his own glider in the 1870s when the Wright Brothers were still at school. The memorial was built 20 years ago but, in the intervening years, it became obscured by weeds and tall grass, and there were no directional signs to guide tourists to the spot. After reading complaints in the local press, SAAFA members collected funds from branches all over South Africa, renovated the monument, erected new fencing and paid for directional signs to be placed at both ends of the D293.
In resurrecting this important historic memorial, SAAFA members will encourage other minority groups to ensure that this country’s pioneers are remembered and honoured by future generations.