Howick Poet, Africa Dlamini, present at Poetry Africa 2015

Howick Poet, Africa Dlamini, present at Poetry Africa 2015

The pride of the working class

At exactly 7:30 am every Monday morning
He wakes up from his wall less bedroom,
Folds his bedding, puts on what’s left of what was once his favourite pair of all stars
From his torn jacket pulls out a flattened cancer stick
Saved by last night’s considerations of tomorrow’s cravings
The first pull is always for his brain to breathe
Before he turns his gaze to the busy city streets
Nothing is ever out of the ordinary
A formal pattern of crowds chasing traffic lights to stop at the next
Fidgeting bodies, chasing frantic time, what better way?
What better way there is to run after fleeting everything than in a hamster’ wheel?
To work like a colony of ants
What better way for the system to perpetuate itself
It bothered him, the incessant routine,
The discomforting shift out of character
The relentlessness of order,
It was all too much for a hopeless narcissist like him
Somehow he always felt something missing that he was never a part of
Soon as the cancer stick burns to the filter
He would join the unsuspecting crowd commanded by the busy city streets
There is a sense of belonging for him in this
He called it, the pride of the working class.   (Africa Dlamini – South African Poet, Howick, KZN)

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A select group of poets from South Africa and around the world will gather together for a week showcasing the face of present day spoken word and storytelling at the 19th Poetry Africa Festival. The festival takes place in Durban from the 12 to 17 October 2015.

There are a number of South African poets represented at this year’s festival and from HOWICK we have …
Africa Dlamini, a Slam/Spoken Word poet. Evident in the body of his work, he regards himself as a Pan-Africanist. However his writing is primarily influenced by his father’s stories and journeys, and the ordinary stories of African landscapes of the current times.

Africa Dlamini - Howick poet

Africa Dlamini – Howick poet

Africa has shared his work in stages of prominent shows in Pietermaritzburg and Durban such as Give me Ten Mics Vol. 10, Cup O’ Thought, Tree of Poetry’s Music and Poetry shows, Tree of Poetry and Keen artists’ PMB & DBN collision, and Poet in a Suit. Africa was named Man of the Slam in the Current State of Poetry University Slam Competition (representing UKZN).

Africa is also one of six members of a Spoken Word collective known as Sonnet of Poets. As part of the group they have performed in, Give me Ten Mics, Uhuru Poetry Festival, Muted Lips: Psalms and Poetry in Motions’ Spoken Word eKasi in Johannesburg.

Tickets for the evening sessions, which take place at 7pm at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre, are R40 (students/ pensioners: R25 at the door) and can be purchased at Computicket or one hour before the performance begins at the box-office. Tickets for the festival finale at Rivertown cost R70 (pre-sale or R80 at the door) and can be purchased from

For more information go to or like the Facebook page PoetryAfrica or follow on Twitter @PoetryAfrica.