Howick High news snippets

Howick High news snippets

Celebrated local Chef visits Howick HighHowick High and Jackie Cameron ed164 may16
Howick High School’s Grade 11 Consumer Studies pupils were privileged to have Chef Jackie Cameron from the Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine visit their class and give them constructive feedback on their novelty iced cakes. It was decided that a cake made by two learners, Hannah Caldecot and Savanna Price, was the overall winner as they made the best use of icing techniques and they were given a signed copy of Jackie’s latest recipe book

Howick High School – dramatic performance at FUNK

Howick High performs at FUNK may16Entitled ‘Greek Mythology in Motion’, Howick High School’s performance at the 2016 ‘Funk!’ production was dramatic and educational. The dance told the story of Hades, God of the Underworld, who kidnaps Persephone, daughter of Demeter, to be his Queen. Demeter, distraught over the loss of her daughter, neglects her task as God of the Harvest, in order to search for Persephone and bring her home. This year the show was staged at the Hexagon Theatre in Pietermaritzburg and our Dance Company can be congratulated on their refreshingly enjoyable performance.

Howick High Sport
In celebration of its 49th year, Howick High School enjoyed a wonderful day of sport recently and would like to thank all pupils, parents, staff and past pupils who filled the day with fun and spirit in support of the Rampant Lion.

Playing at the AB Jackson Astro in Pietermaritzburg, the U14 Boys’ Hockey team won their match 6-0 and the 1st team lost 2-1.

Playing at Howick High School, the Girls’ Hockey, Netball and Rugby teams faced Carter High School and St Anne’s. The U14, U16 and 1st Netball teams sadly lost their matches and the U15 team won their match 9-7. In the Girls’ Hockey fixtures, the U14A won 3-0, U14B lost 2-1, U16 won 6-0 and the U16B lost 3-2. The 3rd and 2nd teams lost their matches and the 1st team won 4-1. Howick’s Rugby teams were victorious all-round with the U14 team winning 46-7, U15 winning 36-12, 2nd winning 26-0 and the 1st team winning 34-3. Howick High Rugby may16

Howick High hockey 149th year may16







Howick High School provides “Clothes for Life”Howick High collecting clothes for Wildlands may16

Howick High School was approached by Moira Potter of ‘Wildlands’ to contribute towards a ‘Clothes for Life’ project; in conjunction with Nedbank. Howick High has been actively involved in recycling for the last 8 years. Senior pupils are appointed as Recycling Managers and they collect and sort paper recycling on a weekly basis. An appeal was made to the school via the teacher-leaders: Ms Hyslop, Mrs Smith and Mrs Keough, in conjunction with these recycling managers, to donate second-hand clothing. On the day of the collection a steady stream of green bags were brought to the school hall which served as a temporary depot. The clothing was collected by an astonished team of Wildlands staff; a whopping 198,80 kg of clothing was donated towards this very worthwhile project. We are so proud of our school pupils, staff and parents; and thank all those who opened their cupboards and their hearts, to those whose need is greater than ours.