Horse Edurance A Growing Sport At Weston

Though Horse Endurance was only introduced as a sport at Weston in 2013, it is becoming popular with many of the boys at the school. At each event this year, the number of boys competing increased.

At the recent Lions’ River Endurance ride, ten boys took part and all but one completed the event in which they entered. He was eliminated at the end of the race due to the lameness of his mount.

Though the weather was misty with drizzle, the cooler weather had both advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor was that the cooler weather contributed to the quicker cooling down of the horses.

Taine Louwrens riding Henarstep Curios in the 80. 00 km event achieved a second place. He completed the distance in 4h56 with the average speed of 16.22 kilometres per hour. Fellow Weston rider came in third in the same event, in 5h32 with the average time of 14.5 kilometres per hour. Some of the Weston riders took part in the 40 kilometre non-competitive event.

In addition to the equestrians, there were Weston boys who acted as marshals, time keepers, and recorders.

Weston Endurance riders caption ed145 oct14

The school’s contingent also erected a small marquee with an advert displaying the diversity of the school. Members of the Horse Endurance team with Weston’s advert.