In Honour Of Ken Denysschen

What a tragic loss,The waste of the life of a good man and a stalwart of the Mpofana community. Electrocuted last Thursday, while putting up posters for the upcoming by-election.

So many unanswered questions, not least of which is “ how was his death allowed to happen ?” A live high voltage cable dangling from an electrical support pole, at the side of a public road ! Why was it there ? We await and urgently need an explanation from the obviously negligent party. That same pervading negligence, which Ken was striving to cast out of Mpofana.
Ken was the epitomy of “The Good Samaritan”

He would help anybody and everybody, who asked for help to solve their problems. If he did not know the right person to contact, he would make it his business to find and contact that person. If it meant personal intervention, Ken was your man.

He served as a PR Councillor in Mpofana, with great distinction. I attended many Council Meetings, as an observer, where Ken was the veritable voice in the wilderness. He tried to improve our lives, through righting the many wrongs he saw and was exposed to on a regular basis.
We must not let his efforts pass in vain.

We can honour Ken’s legacy by voting for him in the by-election on 26 November 2014, as the IEC will be keeping him on the ballot papers.
Let us preserve his memory by completing the job of rehabilitating Mpofana, to what he wanted it to become. Bring the “MOOI” back to Mooi River

Rick Fell